In my search, I have got help from serveral Heerema's from all over the world. Most off this came / comes from Leeuwarden, from Egbert Heerema, he made the genealogy documents. Furthermore I exchanged information with Paul Heerema and with Ruud Heerema, Jan Heerema, Truus Heerema, Robin Heerema and Yvonne de Weger. With Truus Heerema, Yvonne de Weger and Robin Heerema I visited several city's and places, witch are from historical importence for the different branches of the Heerema Family.

Here you will find the genealogy's of the different Heerema Branches.

To succesfully maintain all info about the Heerema's, we ask you to fill in our familycard, for adjustments and new information on the Heerema branches. If possible, rename the filename in a way that we know the branch and put in your full name and sirname. After that please mail this to:  Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien.

You can download the familycard in two formats: MS Exel and MS Word (you have to be registered and logged in for acces to these files):

At the moment there are 5 branches Heerema known, there is a PDF file per branch downloadable (you have to be registered and logged in for acces to these files). You can read PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader, free downloadable from:


Besite these branches there is an overview of Heerema's, from witch the branch is unknown.
  • Unknown Heerema's which branch is unknown.