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Hello Jack,
It took some time before answering you due to a lot of work, family, house and garden.
The answer to your question is not very difficult. Jacob Crijns, Derk Crijns Bekema and his wife Anje Ritzes were mennonites (Doopsgezinden). The Ritzema's were not and in the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century a lot of mennonites became members of the Dutch Reformed Church. In my family e.g. Rietema's from Vliedorp/Houwerzijl and Ulrum did so. They married to members of the Reformed church and became earlier or later members of that church. After the death of the head of the family, they went over as a family to the other church as you see. Besides the question of baptism as a child or an adult, their way of life as serious believers was not very different. On the other side their was the development from the strong doctrine in the church to a liberal faith. Nowadays the majority of mennonites in our country call themselves liberal. Thanks to the Revolution in 1795 all denominations were declared equal and had the same rights. From then also mennonites could be appointed to a post to the Government.     
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Hello Gert,
   I have found something which may or may not be significant and something you may be able to shed some light on? On page 186 of the book "Boer en Heer, "de Groninger boer" 1760-1960", it shows an interesting picture of Jacob Crijns (Ritzema) and his brother Derk Crijns (Bekema) and his wife. This painting was probably commissioned after Jacob Crinjs death in 1809. Jacob Crijns had married Auke Jacobs Ritsema, the daughter of Jacob Jans Ritsema and Grietje Nannes Fijland, in 1773 and he and four of the five surviving children all use the name Ritzema as a surname. Auke dies giving birth to Albert in 1787 and Jacob Crijns dies on May 6th, 1809. On July 16th of 1809 Crijn Jacobs Ritzema aged 32, Jacob Jacobs Ritzema aged 25 and Albert Jacobs Ritsema aged 22 all do profession of faith in Warffum on the same Sunday. Would you know if there is something significant in this in relation to the death of their father?
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