Definitieve versie?
September 28th, 2011
Hello Dennis,
   This is the last version of the story of Jantje and the legacy at the zijlen. I promise not to play with it anymore. I have made some significant changes to the first and second versions I sent you and if you put one on the site, it should be this one. Thanks for uploading Jantje’s further adventures. I thought it would be an interesting topic for a story for Shelley. I wasn’t sure how much there was to know about the past when I started researching Jantien Jacobs Ritsema. I picked on her because she was the oldest child of Jacob Jans and Grietje Nannes and a woman. It’s amazing what you can learn and I am beginning to know Jantje and her family quite well.
Die nieuwe versie kan hier worden gevonden: Maarhuizen.pdf
(Deze tekst is een combinatie van twee e-mail berichten verstuurd door Jack Heerema aan Dennis Heerema, Om het PDf bestand te kunnen downloaden heb je een account nodig en moet je aangemeld zijn)