Hi there, my name is Aaron Heerema, I live in Emo, Ontario, Canada, but i moved from Thunder Bay, Ontario. My Opa and Oma are Fred and Jane Heerema, and they immigrated from the Netherlands I'm not sure when. Their children are Frans, Harold, Adrian (or Ed, my dad), Fred, Marja, and Randy, who passed away last year.

Thats just some background on my connection to the family, but I noticed something posted by Erick Staal. There is another Eric Staal connected to the Heerema's, Eric Staal in the NHL. He's Harold's nephew, so, not to the rest of us, but a connection nonetheless. Incidentally Harold has 4 sons, 2 of which make their living playing hockey. Jesse played in the Netherlands for a year, and I believe he's back there now, and Jeff is also in the NHL, but right now on the Ottawa Senators farm team.

So thats just a few interesting connections. Currently I am attending University of Waterloo for Civil Engineering, I'm in my first year and should be doing homework right now.