The links placed here are links I like to visit once in a while. Some have been handy in my search for the Heerema heritage, others are just intresting regarding to history and language.
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1   Link   Physiotherapist and Manual Therapist Van Laar
Physiotherapist and Manual Therapist practice from my wife Marije van Laar - Heerema
2   Link   Babyou
The place for all your baby & toddler essentials.

A webshop from my wife her sister.
3   Link   Hessels Genealogy
This website contains genealogy information about the diverse family's Hessels. the branch from Amsterdam is from my mothers side.
4   Link
Dutch familly tree startpage
5   Link
Startpage about Dutch famillynames and genealogy.
6   Link   Genealogy Topsites
A famillyname portal, contains a large collection of links to websites about geneallogy.
7   Link   NedGen
NedGen Genealogy searchengine.
8   Link   Genealogy yn Frysl├ón
Andries Stienstra gives an overview of Frysian famillynames
9   Link   Het Nationaalarchief
The National Dutch Archive is the centre for the study of the dustch history and culture on a national level.
10   Link   Het Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (CBG)
The Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (CBG) is a knowledge and documentation centre for genealogy, famillyhistory and affected knowledge.
11   Link
Another startpage about famillynames and genealogy
12   Link
A startpage about Dutch famillynames and genealogy.
13   Link   FriesArchiefNet
14   Link   Van Wassenaer
A website about an familly, witch was documented for the first time about 800 years ago.
15   Link
Startpage doughter about genealogy
16   Link   Tresoar
17   Link   Wazamar
A site about dutch genealogy
18   Link   Het Fries Museum
Website of the Frysian museum in Leeuwarden
19   Link   Our History
The history in different parts of the world
20   Link   Varkevisser-Swart Genealogy
An online ATLAS of the provice of Friesland 1861, with an overview of all Frysian grieternijen about 1860.
21   Link   History of the Dutch language
A website from the faculty Dutch at the University in Vienna, about the dutch language.
22   Link   Histoportal
Worldhistory page in a blink (A lot of information, but very slow speed).
23   Link   Friesland-genealogy Yahoo Group (mainly dutch)
A messageboard about frysian genealogy, you can search per word.