Pictures Heerema - Ritzema

The pictures below, are send to me by Jack Heerema and also available for download after logging in to the website (you have to register left under thethe log-in menu), you can find under the Header extra a link to te menu item files.






















Tante Coba (Jacoba) Heerema with her husband, Fokke Kwant and their first son, Siegert.


















The family photo is of Allert Heerema's family circa 1900. Allert had died a year after his youngest son, Jacobus, was born. The the picture from left ot right standing are Klaaske Heerema (1883-1951), Jacoba (Coba) Heerema (1886-1967), Jacobus Heerema (1892-1970) and Klaas Meint Heerema (1880-1963). Seated are Jurreina Heerema Oosterveld (1850-1932) and Roelina Heerema (1875-1955).












Certificate of marriage certificate between Jakobus Kornelus Heerema and Roelina Ulles Cinninghe who were married in 1851.