Heerema Branche B and C
Onderwerp: Heerema Tak B en C
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Datum: 04/16/2011 22:44
Hello Dennis,
   I hope this finds you and yours well. I was wondering if there is someone who visits your site who may have more information on the Heerema connection between Tak B (Winsum) and Tak C (Adorp)?
   Egbert Klaasens is the first of Tak C who takes on the name Heerema. At the time of the naming in in 1811 he is a ten year old boy. It is possible that he is already working on the Heerema farm on the Munnekeweg as his father had died two years previously. Jacobus Heerema Ritsema had died three years prior to the naming and his two sons were 20 and 15 respectively at the time. The two sons are Jacob Jacobus who is 23 at the naming and Cornellis Jacobus who is 18 at the time. It would have been the boys who took Egbert with them at the naming and it is they who keep the only the name Heerema.
   Egbert would go on later to marry Aaltje Geerts Zijl and it seems easier to link her as part of the extended family than Egbert. Aaltje was the daughter of Geert Jacobs Zijl. Jacobus wife (third), Anje Jacobs, who was the widow of Geert Geert Zilj. The two Geerts may have been related in some way but I have not found the connection. The other connection is through, Jacob Jacobus and Cornellis Jacobus uncle, Willem Cornellis Brands. Aaltje’s grandfather, Klaas Jans de Jong, name comes up in Willem’s and Tryntje Bruins wedding contract in 1791:
Getuigen bij het huwelijkscontract zijn an bruidegomszijde Kornellis Jans en Albertjen Willems, vader en moeder, Arys Jans en Martigen Cornellis, zwagger en zuster, Jan Cornellis en Grietje Reinders, Claas Cornellis en Greitje Roelfs, broers en schoonzusters, Jacobus Herema en Anje Cornellis, zwager en zuster, Lammert en Reinder Cornellis, broers, Liefke Cornellis, zuster, aan bruidzijde Klaas Jans de jonge, vreemde voogd van broers en zusters (de voormond is ziek). Geert Hindriks en Etjen Jacobs, aangehuwd oom en tante. Pieter Klaas en Jacob Olfers Vonk, neven, Freerk Jans aangehuwde neef, Jan Roelfs en Tryntje Olfter Vonk, aangehuwd neef en nicht.
   I am wondering if anyone in Tak C may have more information. We may not get feedback soon but hopefully we provide a background of information for the next person who takes up the search.
       As always, with regards,