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the History of Heerema - Ritsema

Jack Heerema wrote a nice story about the familly Heerema - Ritsema (Ritzema).

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Answer to Nick
Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2010 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: Jantien Jacobs Ritsema
Hallo Nick,
   My original intent was to create a Christmas story for Shelley instead of doing a family tree, in the hopes of making it more interesting. Many of the conclusions I came to were through a process of elimination such as the parents of Jacob Jans Ritsema, Heereburen, and the shield. There could be other possibilities and I am really hoping for feedback to find more information and insights. Dennis has allowed me to put it on his website and has given me a venue for this, for which I am grateful.
   I believe the shield was used by Jacobus Jacobs Heerema Ritsema only. He died in 1808 and his children used only the surname Heerema after 1811 when surnames became mandatory and they drop the name Ritsema, which would make the use of the shield redundant. The name Heerema, as a surname, can be traced to only one family in Groningen, to my knowledge, before 1811. This family has it's origins in Holwinda and they had family members living in stadt Groningen before 1811 and can probably be linked to Heereburen. They do not have a split name. There is another family in Adorp who choose the name Heerema in 1811 and I believe they can be linked to Jacobus Jacobs Heerema Ritsema through Anje Jacobs, who outlives him. I believe most of the Heeremas living in Groningen can trace their ancestry to one of these sources. It is also because of this that the use of the shield can be narrowed down to the use by one man. It gives me more insight to know the eagle on the shield is not limited to the use of just one family and how these symbols were used by eigenerfde boeren. Thank you Nick and I hope to gain more from what I can learn from you. I will ask Dennis to also post the correspondence in hopes of broadening our base of feedback knowledge.
the Shield
Sent: Sunday, July 04, 2010 1:23 AM
Subject: RE: Jantien Jacobs Ritsema

Beste Jack,

Manny names in the story of Jantien. Is a famalytree a option?

In the tekst about the heraldic shield is the eagle not for Heerema!
Others and also the Bolhuis famaly  use the eagle as 'eigenerfde'. I made a atachement. Uit de Nieuwe Groninger Enceclopedie over eigenerfde boeren"". They use 'de Friese halve adelaar'. Also a atachement about familiewapens (in 2 parts/pages). Do you know wich man used the Heraldic shield of Heerema/Ritzema?
Friesland, Groningen and Ost-Friesland ware in middelages and later, a part that was not in the might of the graven van Holland and feel free of the bischop van Utrecht en Munster.
Rechtspraak in de regio wisselde volgens een volgorde. Eigenerfde boeren deden om de beurt rechtspraak.

This is my first reaction. I will think more about the article.

Til next time

Groeten Nick &
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Heerema - Ritsema Theorie by Jack Heerema
The e-mail correspondence is from Jack Heerema, of the branch Heerema - Ritsema, he has developed during the correspondence with Dick Medema a theory about this branch.
When you have more info or suggestions he would like to receive them from you. You can contact me by e-mail ( Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft JavaScript nodig om het te kunnen zien. ) and i will make sure Jack contacts you.

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Subject: Fw: Heerema Genealogy

Hello Dennis,
   I have been corresponding with Dick Medema of Kelowna, BC and hopefully some of the correspondence might be useful to you. It deals with our first Heerema and his marriages. This information I received from my cousin Nick Bolhuis. Jaap Medema believes that only about 10% of the population in this region used surnames before 1811 which give me more reason to believe the Heerema's from Heereburen and the Ritsema's from Noordhoorn (gem. Zuidhorn) were related. I hope this finds you well Dennis.

Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2009 4:20 PM
Subject: Medema Genealogy

Hi Dick,
   I get the feeling that a lot of these people in the Adorp, Sauwerd, Winsum and Baflo knew each other. Harm Medema knew the Oostervelds and so did Jacob Medema. Reinder Pieters Medema, who was born in 1765, was the son of Pieter Reinders who came from Adorp and may have known your side of the family or been a part of it in some way ie: nephew, stepson, married into etc. I wonder what the population of each of these towns was around 1811 when everyone assumed a surname and try to understand how the surnames were chosen. I read Jaap's email and I thought the use surnames was higher. I have forwarded "Bilage Heerema" as to why I had come to that conclusion. Many use surnames and many use their father's first name as their surname. It could be the surnames were added later to the text. I wonder if I would have gotten along with Jacobus Herema Ritsema if we had met.
Jacobus Herema Ritsema, ged. Groningen N.K 22-11-1750, over l. Sauwerd 23-3-1808 tr. l. (als Jacobus Herema, van Pieterburen) Obergum 28-3-1779 Janna Hamming, van Obergum. doop ald. niet gevonden, over l. Sauwerd (in de kraan) kort voor 15-2-1784, dr. van Berend Hamming en Anna Jans Tempel;   tr. 2. (als Jacobus Herema Ritsema) Wetsinge/Sauwerd 8-3-1787 Anje Cornellis (Brands), te Sauwerd, over l. ald. 1802-1804, dr van Cornellis Jans en Albertje Willems;   tr. 3. (als Jacobus Herema, weduwnaar to Sauwerd) Wetsinge 16-12-1804 Anje Jacobs, geb. (Bedum) ca. 1747, over l. Sauwerd 26-9-1809; zij tr. Wetsinge 1-1-1772 Geert Geerts(Zijl).
Bij het eerste huwelijk werd een contract opemaaakt (XLVII c l, fol. 167vo. 4-3-1779) tussen de jongeling Jacobus Heerema en de jongedochter Janna Hamming.Aan bruidegomszijde getuigden Jantje Jacobs Ritsema en Pieter Meinders e. l., Hilje Jacobs Ritsema, collector Ebel hindrix, Derk Meertens, wedman Jacob Crijns swagers en zusters. Daarbnast Derk Meertens sibbevoogd, Cornelis Jans vreede voogd over de bruidegoms overleden broeders minder jarige zoon. Aan bruidszijde: de Gecommitteerde Raad Jan Jacobs Tempel grootvader, Berent Hamming en Anna Jans Tempel vader en moeder. coopman Fredericus Hamming oom. Ook van het tweede huwelijk werden huwelijkese voorwarden gesteld (XXXVV c 4, fol. 40v, 24-1-1787). Aan bruidegomszijde Pieter Meinderts, Ebel Hindricks, Derk Meertens en Jaob Crijns allen aangetrouwde zwagers, Berent Hamming grootvader en voormond, Jan Cornellis sibbevoogd, Jacob Pieters vreemde voogd over de minder jarige kinderen van de bruidegom bij wijlen Janna Hamming. Grietje Straathem en Gerrit Jacobs volle nigt en echtgenoot. Aan bruidszijdeditmaal: Cornellis Jans en Albertje Willems vader en moeder, Martje Cornellis en Arys Jans zwager en zuster, Wllem Cornellis broeder, Liefke Cornellis zuster, Jan Willems halve oom, Jantje Willems en Jan Tomas halve moey enaangetr. halve oom.
Anje Jacobs was, gezien haar leeftijd bij het overlijden, geb. ca. 1747, en kwam bij haar eerste huwlijk van Bedum. Mogelijk was zij daar ged. 11-4-1745 als dr. van Jacob Sjabbes en zijn huisvrouw; veel andere mogelijkheden zag ik niet, maar het doopboek in Bedum was just in die jaren wat verbrokkeld bijgehouden.
Te Sauwerd overleed 23-3-1808 Jacobes Herema, oud zijnde geweest ruim 56 jaren, zijnde driemalen gehuwd geweest, nalatende zijn 3de vrouw Anje Jacobs en 2 mondige dochters in zijn eertst huwelijk met Janna Hammink in echte verwekt, als Grietje Jacobes Herema getrouwd aan Alle Mechiels, en Janna Jacobes Herema getrouwd aan Pieter Alberts, alsmede 2 onmondige zoons en een dochtertje in zijn 2de huwelijk met Anje Cornelis in exhte verwekt als Jacob Jacobes Herema, Cornellis Jacobes Herema en Anje Jacobes Herema waarover voorstanderen zijn Jan Cornellis voormond, Egbert Hammink sibbefoogd en GeertHeines boekhoudend vreemde voogd.
   The children that survived from these marriages were all married, but by this time they all had surnames ie; Janna Jacobus Herema (van Ritsema) married Pieter Alberts (later: Albertsma) of Winsum, Jacob Jakobus Heerema, dagloner, married Grietje Pieters Westerhoff from Noordwolde and lived in Winsum, Cornelis Jacobus Herema married Jantje Jans van Rijn of Adorp and lived in Sauwerd and Albertje Jacobus Heerema married Egbert Luitjens Homan, a korenschipper, and lived at Garnwerd. These people got around and I am sure a lot of them met. I would like to get a better understanding of how the assumed their last name, with Albertsma it easy.
   Sorry to get so carried away Dick, but I am also building a file for reference. Thanks for indulging me. I find it interesting as my name, Jacobus Cornelis Heerema, is a throwback to this period.
Pictures Heerema - Ritzema

The pictures below, are send to me by Jack Heerema and also available for download after logging in to the website (you have to register left under thethe log-in menu), you can find under the Header extra a link to te menu item files.






















Tante Coba (Jacoba) Heerema with her husband, Fokke Kwant and their first son, Siegert.


















The family photo is of Allert Heerema's family circa 1900. Allert had died a year after his youngest son, Jacobus, was born. The the picture from left ot right standing are Klaaske Heerema (1883-1951), Jacoba (Coba) Heerema (1886-1967), Jacobus Heerema (1892-1970) and Klaas Meint Heerema (1880-1963). Seated are Jurreina Heerema Oosterveld (1850-1932) and Roelina Heerema (1875-1955).












Certificate of marriage certificate between Jakobus Kornelus Heerema and Roelina Ulles Cinninghe who were married in 1851.


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