This Website

This website is made by, for and about the family Heerema. You can find information about the different branches and links to webpages from company's and people who have something in commen with the name Heerema.

This website is made by the help off:

  • Egbert Heerema (Leeuwarden)
  • Paul Heerema (Wyckoff, NJ USA)
  • Jack Heerema (Fort McMurray, Canada)
  • Ruud Heerema (Lelystad)
  • Jan Heerema (Almere)
  • and Others who I forgot to mention.

When you are interested in the available downloads, send an e-mail to You will receive a username and password by e-mail to logon to this website. After you logged in you are able to download the documents and files.


websites merged
donderdag, 27 januari 2005 18:45
Both English and Dutch  based websites are merged to one, so everything is merged into one database.

As a visitor you probably won't notice this at all, exept when you are searching in our searchmaschine, all items in both languages wil show up.

For maintainance it is easyer now, there has to be logged in only once to control both English and Dutch items in this website.