This Website

This website is made by, for and about the family Heerema. You can find information about the different branches and links to webpages from company's and people who have something in commen with the name Heerema.

This website is made by the help off:

  • Egbert Heerema (Leeuwarden)
  • Paul Heerema (Wyckoff, NJ USA)
  • Jack Heerema (Fort McMurray, Canada)
  • Ruud Heerema (Lelystad)
  • Jan Heerema (Almere)
  • and Others who I forgot to mention.

When you are interested in the available downloads, send an e-mail to You will receive a username and password by e-mail to logon to this website. After you logged in you are able to download the documents and files.


woensdag, 06 oktober 2010 12:30
Spammers abused a security hole in our login module of our websystem, for this reason we disabled the ability to login to this website. When you are looking for infomation on our website and the system asks you to login for it, send a mail to dennis at sign heerema dot net and I will send you the info by mail (if relevant).

Furthermore some part of the webiste where broken and are fixed.