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Heerema Ritsema Link
donderdag, 27 november 2014 22:29

As far back as 2005 Erick Staal was wondering if the rich uncle from Holland for whom the name Heerema was given to the youngest son of Jacob Jans Ritsema and Grietje Nannes Fijland could be Gillis Heerema. Through his researcb Folkert Jacob Heerema makes this query more than plausible. In the estate of Martien Jacobs Ritsema, the second youngest daughter of Jacob and Grietje, Folkert has found an inheritance left to her children which originates with Gylus Heerema. He also points out that on two occasions Jantien Jacobs Ritsema, the oldest daughter of Jacob and Grietje, names two of her daughters (neither survived) after Gillis mother and daughter. The circumstantial evidence that Gillis Heerema is the rich uncle who left an inheritance is too compelling.


Thank you Erick, Congratulations Folkert.


Jacobus Heerema